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Wells Fargo, the seventh largest bank in the World with holdings approaching $2 Trillion dollars, has nearly 260,000 employees operating in 42 countries around the globe. In the United States, Wells Fargo serves one in three households. The challenges facing Wells Fargo were the operational costs and loss of productivity, resulting from inefficient cross-product/cross-divisional communications, CX and infrastructure. Each product group operated as a quasi-independent business, with their own customers, products and processes. The challenge facing Wells Fargo was how to improve the operation, increase productivity and reduce overall TCO.


Wells Fargo chose Tahzoo to standardize their web platform and the business processes and resource requirements that accompanied it. The first consideration was the highly regulated nature of the financial services industry. Compliance was not just a desired outcome, but a mandatory starting point. In order to ensure compliance from a regulatory and legal perspective, Tahzoo worked with Wells Fargo to re-design the business processes and workflows relating to the publishing of all content. In addition to regulatory compliance, the solution also helped protect the brand, ensuring consistent use of branded content across the organization. The goal was to simplify the processes to improve productivity and reduce costs. Once the new processes were agreed upon, it was possible to implement a new unified, fully integrated web content management and publishing solution. Tahzoo used SDL’s Tridion CMS as a replacement for multiple systems, including older, unsupported instances of Documentum.


Tahzoo simplified the process and workflow, laid the technical foundation, and implemented an integrated solution that allowed Wells Fargo to increase compliance and shorten the time to publish a piece of content. We increased the productivity of the resources and decreased the overall cost of supporting and maintaining multiple outdated content management systems. ​

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