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Shearman & Sterling, one of world’s most prestigious law firms has been serving global companies in 80 countries, speaking more than 60 languages, for 150 years. Shearman helped Henry Ford get his car company going and assisted Daimler’s successful listing on the New York Stock Exchange. They represented Citibank through intense negotiations during the Iran hostage crisis, played a central role in solving the South American debt crisis in the 1980’s and opened offices throughout East Asia 50 years ago, providing strategic counsel to the world as it grew.

The biggest assets for a law firm are its partners. They provide the guidance, direction and generate the intellectual property that attracts and retains their accounts. Shearman & Sterling sought to make its partners and their thought leadership more visible. Thought leadership was needed to distinguishe Shearman from sea-of-sameness among other leading law firm websites.


Shearman & Sterling chose Tahzoo to help them reinvent the way they presented themselves to the world. They had seen our work with Boston Consulting Group and wanted a similar presence. Tahzoo began by conducting a series of workshops in the US and Europe to understand the heart of what makes Shearman & Sterling different and how to communicate their uniqueness through content and design.

Starting with a CMS re-platforming, a complete content audit and interviews with key stakeholders, Tahzoo Studios wiped the slate clean and re-imagined the way a law firm could present itself digitally. Studios incorporated the notion of of “Next Best Content,” a content innovation Tahzoo uses to provided extended content journeys for each site visitor.

One of the key concerns of the firm’s executive partners was how to measure improvement. Tahzoo implemented its proprietary performance metrics system to measure, track and report on a series of key engagement metrics specifically targeting the promotion of the partners and their individual IP. These scores, all rolled up into a single universal engagement score, provided every partner with a single score each month to monitor the firm’s digital presence.


Shearman and Sterling simultaneously launched a new global brand and multi-language corporate websites around the world. Over the next year, they saw engagement steadily increase, particularly among the individual partner pages. Next Best Content functionality extended and enhanced each session’s value. Shearman integrated their marketing outreach with the websites and have begun preliminary steps towards delivering dynamically published personalization for particular audience profiles, including targeted firms.

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