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Nationwide, for almost 100 years, has​ been one of the leading financial services companies, serving individual and business insurance, investing and banking needs. Its customers include consumers, businesses, financial planners and a vast network of agents. They were challenged with building personalized digital relationships with each of their diverse audiences in order to provide them with an equally discrete set of financial services products. First, Nationwide needed to understand how each segment behaved in a digital environment and then tailor more personalized digital experiences for​ each one.​


Nationwide chose Tahzoo to understand the distinct requirements for their audiences better and architect a content-based solution to enable a more personalized experience. Using an SDL Tridion web content management solution, Tahzoo was able to re-platform Nationwide’s entire corporate CMS ecosystem across brands, business lines and markets. More importantly, Tahzoo developed and implemented the first instance of SDL Tridion in the Cloud for any enterprise. This enabled Nationwide to update, launch and optimize and related digital properties. Tahzoo also evolved Nationwide’s proprietary Commentary Hub, which targets financial advisors and institutional investors. Tahzoo helped Nationwide Finance define the digital personas, determine where and what personalization would be most effective, and recommend a series of UX improvements to engage these highly targeted financial services professionals better. ​


With Tahzoo’s help, Nationwide could​ re-platform, re-design and re-launch in less than one year. Meeting this aggressive deadline enabled the digital channel to support a ground-breaking, cross-channel “Nationwide is on your side,” consumer advertising campaign focused on the Olympics. With the introduction of dynamic personalization components, the Nationwide Financial Commentary Hub raised their reputation with financial advisors by providing them highly relevant guidance. The transformation aligned all of Nationwide’s digital platforms across a single content management system, improving operational efficiency, increasing productivity and saving high IT and support costs. ​

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