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KeyBank, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the United States’ oldest and largest full-service banks, tracing its roots back 200 years. It operates in a highly decentralized model with 17,000 employees, 1200 branches and business offices in 39 states. As a bank, it is part of a highly regulated industry, where brand, legal and regulatory compliance is critical. One of the biggest challenges was keeping employees up-to-date, offering easy access to the content they needed to do their jobs, serve their customers and adhere to an ever-changing set of policies and procedures, all of which differed from state to state and business unit to business unit.


KeyBank chose Tahzoo in two separate instances to solve its content and compliance challenges. First, to implement, deploy and support using SDL Tridion CMS. And later to research, redesign, architect, build and deploy KeyNet, the enterprise-wide employee portal. The initiative was a comprehensive, role-based user research project where Tahzoo and KeyBank interviewed portal users and content producers to understand what content was most important from each role, Tahzoo focused on both sides of content consumption – that of employees and content authors. Then Tahzoo developed of a robust business case for the Key Bank business sponsors to support the project and secure funds and resources.


Tahzoo reduced the key metric – the time it took to publish a piece of content on the portal –from eight hours to one. On an annualized basis, this saved KeyBank almost 90,000 employee hours in productivity. This enabled the content production teams to reallocate their time to more value-added efforts. KeyBank employees saw significant improvement in their portal experience and reduced incidences of providing inaccurate or out-of-date information to their customers. Ultimately, Tahzoo’s work resulted in more accurate and immediate content availability, protecting the bank in compliance issues and delivering a better customer experience. ​

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