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GE Healthcare, one of the world’s oldest and most innovative healthcare companies, prides itself on serving healthcare needs as an industry and people everywhere. It operates in over 160 countries and spends more than $1 Billion in R&D every year. As a part of its overall digital design and transformation efforts, GE Healthcare needed to take stock of its audiences to understand how they thought and behaved in the context of all digital engagements. GE Healthcare’s audiences include hospital CXOs, purchasing heads and influencers (i.e., Heads of Radiology and MR Technicians). Each audience has very different needs and engages with GE Healthcare in unique ways.


GE Healthcare chose Tahzoo to conduct a series of qualitative and quantitative audience research projects to understand their perspective on their products and services. Tahzoo’s audience research incorporated a combination of traditional research techniques (user and influencer interviews and focus groups around the world) and Virtual Ethnography studies to understand and provide insights into the digital interests, behavior and engagement of each audience segment.

Additionally, Tahzoo conducted a series of customer journey mapping workshops to model each touchpoint along the B2B sales funnel, identifying critical roles and opportunities to enhance each segment's engagement.


GE Healthcare acted on Tahzoo's research, insights, and journey mapping to guide the taxonomy, information architecture and user experience design of their digital properties collectively represented in Our research also informed the content's language and semantics, the metadata that contributed to the content's findability and its SEO ranking. Since our initial research was concluded, GE Healthcare has continued to rely heavily on customer research to ensure the digital experiences they deliver are built from the customer-up rather than the marketer-down.​

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