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Brown Forman, one of the global top 10 spirits companies sells its products through distributors and partners in 170 countries around the globe. Brown Forman is home to some of the most iconic spirits brands in the industry – including Jack Daniels and Finlandia. Each brand operates with some autonomy and is responsible for promoting their brand throughout their distribution network. One of the biggest challenges Brown Forman faced was harnessing the power of their brands in a rapidly changing digital universe. They needed to simultaneously integrate their consumer messaging across all channels, in-store and online. And their global distributors needed direct and immediate access to branded content to better promote Brown Forman products.


Brown Forman chose Tahzoo to jump start their digital transformation with the introduction of a global enterprise content hub. As the first stage, Tahzoo developed and implemented a solution for aggregating and managing all their digital assets across the enterprise. Once in place, Tahzoo implemented a syndication tool to enable the sharing of those assets with their distribution partners, for use online and offline, in every market and for every one of Brown Forman’s twenty-five brands. Using a combination of Tenovos and Salsify software products, Tahzoo was able to create a program and process to manage the digital assets for each Brown Forman brand. Commerce was improved because brand managers could create and publish brand assets out to all their partners worldwide.


Brown Forman, and each of its individual brands have simplified their digital asset production, approval, and distribution processes, reduced the time to market, increased productivity, and improved brand compliance among their international partners. In recent months, Brown Forman’s off-premises sales have skyrocketed; a testament to the timing and impact of having access to digital assets can have on their distribution network. The next steps are being planned. Tahzoo will align Brown Forman’s content management systems and processes. We will then expand Brown Forman’s data and analytics programs to measure the effectiveness and impact of their content, to support an ever-expanding presence in the digital world.

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