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Boston Consulting Group, or BCG, is arguably the most respected and successful consulting firm in the world, serving global enterprises in more than 50 countries. The currency of BCG is the quality of its intellectual property and the trusted relationships it builds. BCG initiates recruitment efforts, targeting the top 10% of the top 10 business schools. Then the BCG culture seeks to maintain those relationships, even after its consultants move on and become BCG Alumni and sometimes clients. BCG also works to enhance the relationship it has with the C-suite in all client accounts. BCG understands the importance of nurturing trust among all these groups. It is the cornerstone of their business success. Over the last few years, the challenge has been to extend those relationships online and to advance digital engagement across all of its core segments.​


Seven years ago, Boston Consulting Group chose Tahzoo to become a trusted partner in its digital transformation journey. We helped architect, deploy and manage its global content hub. And over time, Tahzoo has become a trusted advisor in all facets of BCG's MarTech solutions, from vendor selection to implementation. Ever since, Tahzoo has served BCG as an extension of its own marketing, operations and IT teams. To support account acquisition, client retention and recruiting efforts, Tahzoo has helped BCG understand the digital behavior of its targeted segments, conceive of ways to personalize digital content, and compile, curate and analyze the data to find new ways to optimize engagement.​

Operationally, Tahzoo helped BCG select the correct vendors for its content hub and all of the components to create a fully integrated digital experience platform: CMS, data, analytics and marketing automation. Tahzoo partners with BCG to optimize its operational efficiencies; improving time-to-publish content, managing its digital properties, and reducing the overall MarTech spend.​


Digital Transformation at BCG is an ongoing, multi-year, global endeavor. We are proud of the long-term relationship we have with BCG and the way in which they treat us as an extension of their internal team. Each year there are new business, operational efficiency, and customer engagement goals. Here is a selection of recent customer engagement metrics that met or exceeded their business objectives, year-over-year:​

  • Total web traffic up 30%
  • Key segment engagement up over 36%​
  • Pages per visit for client visitors up 26%
  • SEO performance soared 81% and 3x over BCG’s prime competitor​
  • Views on high-value content (HVC) increased 28% ​

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