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Aetna, a leading managed-healthcare and insurance company, is now a part of CVS Health. Serving over 22 million medical, 13 million dental, and 13 million pharmacy benefits members, CVS is now the third largest healthcare company in the world. Aetna has experienced rapid growth, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

With every acquisition, Aetna has faced the challenge of merging hundreds of databases. They run the business by managing customer and professional data, as well as logistics and operational data stores. Aetna’s billions of pieces of data, both structured and unstructured, needed to be integrated so the company could present a single face to its customers and begin to operate as a single organization.


Aetna/CVS Health chose Tahzoo to solve its massive data challenge. The organization needed to bridge data silos, efficiently perform operational data triage, and surface data quickly to achieve its customer and operational success.

Working with MarkLogic, the world’s leading NoSQL multi-model database provider, Tahzoo designed and deployed an Operational Data Hub (ODH) to integrate structured and unstructured data systems. The ODH provides trusted, timely access to all the data and helps Aetna/CVS deliver members, claims, enrollment and provider data across the entire enterprise.


Aetna/CVS Health is now able to implement an enterprise-wide ODH, which successfully integrates massive data sets to provide better data conformance, transparency and auditability. The enterprise is now able to conduct real-time data queries and profiling with zero data loss and stringent response times. The data integration into an ODH reduced the total cost of ownership and future-proofed the architecture to allow for future scalability.

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