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TD Ameritrade

Eliminating data silos.

The challenge.

Over the course of several years, TD Ameritrade acquired a number of other companies. With each acquisition came a completely new and siloed data infrastructure. In order to have a single 360° profile of each customer, for both backend and frontend services, the company needed to find an efficient and cost-effective means of bringing the data together. 

Our analysis.

Upon completion of a comprehensive analysis of the existing technology and processes including all major stakeholders, it became apparent that building a net new data environment would not only take years and cost millions of dollars, it would have a slim chance of working and would not be flexible enough to incorporate future additions. They needed a way of maintaining the existing data structures while gaining centralized access to all the data, semantically balanced so data can be analyzed and acted upon together regardless of the source.

Our solution.

Tahzoo implemented a MarkLogic, NoSQL database with Spark sitting on top and connected to both various BI and marketing automation systems. Data scientists within marketing were able to conduct multiple queries using all the customer data from every data source, all in real-time, to construct predictive models that informed marketing and company-wide customer experience programs. The open architecture provided scalability and future-proofed the system.

Our services

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