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Jaguar Land Rover

Managing global MarTech infrastructure in real-time.

The challenge.

Jaguar Land Rover has increasingly used a robust digital platform to educate and influence prospective customers and to support to existing customers in over 60 countries and in more than 35 languages. Keeping these systems operating, up to date and able to handle periodic surges in traffic has become critical to the brand’s success.

Our analysis.

Given the distributed nature of the global business, it became clear that the company could not support the single global digital footprint using its own local resources. For compliance, consistency and performance, it was recommended that the entire operation, hosting and support of the enterprise content management system and related websites be outsourced to a firm specializing in CMS managed services.

Our solution.

Tahzoo infrastructure and managed services teams was selected to provide 24/7 operational support for the global corporate brand websites including managing hosting, application lifecycle management and help desk services. Service level agreements ensure that all spikes in traffic can be handled without loss of service and updates can be simultaneously pushed out to all sites, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Our services

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