Providing services across the entire experience

It takes the right people, processes and technology to make millions of people a little bit happier. It’s what we do every day.

We live in a complex world with lots of moving parts. At Tahzoo, we know how to simplify that complexity. Engaging digital experiences require content, data, technology and a lot of design thinking to create programs that meet the needs of your customers.


It all starts with knowing what makes your audience tick.

No two people are alike - There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t have an outstanding digital experience with your products and services.

Truly understanding your audiences’ behavior and intent may seem like a parlor trick. But with the right approach, supported by the right tools though, Tahzoo helps better understand your audiences. More importantly, we discover and understand their context. We use ontologies and semantic AI to inform the experience, measure its effectiveness and optimize outcomes.


Ensuring your business goals are inextricably linked to your technology solutions.

You have internal stakeholders that hold you accountable. We use equal parts consulting, creative and engineering to help you hit your target.

Business Strategy begins with a roadmap to know where you’re headed and a play to get there. Tahzoo’s business consulting teams lay out the journey for you. We work together to define and measure the milestones. And we will craft a change management plan to keep your constituents informed along the way. We’re in it together, step by step.


Content is the currency of experience. It determines the value of the moment.

Customer experience is the product of content strategy contextual relevance and governance continuity.

Tahzoo solves content authoring and management challenges by combining a proprietary content strategy with special content authoring, management and publishing tools. Accessibility and search are products of creating the right taxonomies. Tahzoo has leapfrogged the competition in the arena of content relevancy through the application of semantics, semiotics and linguistic AI to provide the right person with the right content in the right context.


Data makes the world go around. Insight gives it meaning.

It takes big brains to compile, curate and analyze the behavioral, transactional and performance data that drives experience.

Data drives business. It represents the behavior, motivation and intent of customers. It tracks and defines the relationship between your customers and your business - between the brand, content and the context of their experience. We represent these relationships using ontologies and applied AI. Tahzoo compiles, curates and analyzes all the data. Then we apply the insight we gain from the data to inform the content and the experience itself.


Using design thinking to create, more engaging user experiences.

Tahzoo Studios helps you create new concepts that bring user-centered experiences to life. Our expertise is in creating consumer experiences that move people to action.

Design Thinking is the process of solving CX challenges based on an understanding of the unmet needs of the consumer. Design Thinking puts the user first. Beyond visual design, Design Thinking crafts the entire customer journey across apps, connected devices and customer service. It also aligns the online and offline experiences to achieve business success.


Architecting, implementing and integrating MarTech platforms, systems and software.

Anyone can dream up an experience. But it takes the right combination of architectural vision and engineering rigor to make that experience a reality.

Systems and technology is in our DNA. Embracing a best-of-breed approach, Tahzoo has built strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading software providers including SDL, Aprimo, and Adobe. You can count on us to find and deliver the right solution.


Providing ongoing support of systems, and programs to optimize business outcomes.

We’re in it for the duration. Launch Day is just the beginning.

The journey to deliver digital experiences is not a one-time event. Customers change. Employees change. Technologies change. Tahzoo is committed to be your partner for the long haul. We stand behind what we’ve built and will support your technology, programs and data, keeping it running every day. We can’t future proof today’s tech, but we can stay a few steps ahead for you.