The Tahzoo Remote-Working Model

The Tahzoo Remote-Working Model

With distributed employees across the US and around the globe, Tahzoo has always been a remote culture. Since our beginning, Tahzoo employees have been equipped with the technology and remote habits to enable productivity, humor, and comradery. 

Building a remote culture is not easy and it’s not done overnight. Employees must be equipped with the correct technologies to enable work-from-home productivity. Moreover, they must have the discipline and proactive attitude necessary to manage the demands found in the consulting industry.

Our Culture

The Tahzoo Remote-Working Model is based on the following principles: 

  • A Remote model puts greater emphasis on deliverables over personality. Remote is all about the work you produce.  
  • Use your video whenever possible. One facial expression is worth a thousand words. This holds true whether working with clients and with each other. 
  • Err on a benefit-of-the-doubt mentality. Working remotely requires a hint of grace because you don’t always have the full story. 
  • There are many benefits to working remotely. But it’s harder. Remote requires 125% effort to achieve 100% productivity.   
  • Leadership must set their teams up for success by adding more structure to their work. Remote requires a clear plan.  
  • Overcommunicate, overcommunicate, overcommunicate. It’s easy to develop assumptions when you work in a silo. Make sure you are in lockstep with your team. 
  • Be clear about and hold yourself accountable for your deliverables. Remote teams rely on each other to carry the load. Although you may be remote, you’re never alone.

Our Locations

Tahzoo is a consultancy with physical locations in Washington DC, Richmond, VA, Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, San Diego, CA, and Taipei, Taiwan. We are consultants with clients in time zones across the US, EU, and APAC. In shaping our client engagements, we always factor in the location of our consultants and their time zones to best serve our clients.

Tahzoo’s Remote Mantra: Relationship over Task.

This principle, adopted from leadership at Disney, encourages employees to connect on a personal level at the beginning of each conversation before they dive into the task at hand. This fosters a meaningful, more productive conversation, knowing that we genuinely care for each other.

Our Meetings

Working remotely with our clients and with each other requires a meeting protocol that is more organized and focused. There is never a meeting at Tahzoo that is not accompanied by a Key Objective, an Agenda, and a Follow-up memo with action items. Employees are encouraged to be overly proactive in limiting meeting time with extra credit for ending a meeting early.

A well-organized, productive meeting culture sets Tahzoo apart and makes it a better place to work. Meeting captains are regularly reviewed, and meeting leaders are continuously given feedback to make meetings more productive and enjoyable.

Working with Tahzoo should be the highlight of our clients’ day. A strong meeting culture helps contribute to client loyalty.

Our Tools

Tahzoo uses Office 365 and its supporting platform. We believe this is the most advanced platform for our productive culture and best syncs with our clients’ expectations. While we are always adaptable to our clients’ working platform and style, we have found that the Office platform covers the needs of most of our clients.

We are continuously chatting with each other on Microsoft Teams. It’s a requirement of working at Tahzoo and is foundational to our culture. Employees are connected on their desktops and mobile. We hold meetings and screen share on Microsoft Teams. However, we are equally adept with Zoom, Blue jeans, and Cisco conferencing systems.

The nature of our work requires us to use Jira and Confluence to manage our work and document all our activities. Any new employee that comes to Tahzoo receives a full orientation and training to these technology platforms with regular training sessions for all employees.

Our Client Success

Acer (Taiwan)

Tahzoo’s work on has been executed by a collective of Tahzoo employees, third-party consultants, and client-side stakeholders from around the globe. Our Strategy, Design, and Technology teams are all fully engaged with their counterparts in Taiwan. Our collaboration takes place on Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams screen sharing, email, and interactive remote whiteboarding sessions.

Recent world events have even necessitated that some typical in-person meetings be canceled or postponed. The team is committed to meeting at times which are convenient for our client, sometimes scheduling late evening or early morning meetings to accommodate their needs. Quarterly reviews and major milestone reviews take place remotely with Tahzoo leadership.

Boston Consulting Group (Boston):

Since 2014, Tahzoo’s BCG team is organized as a 100% remote workforce, as part of worldwide BCG MarTech. Internally we use Teams for file collaboration, meetings, and asynchronous collaboration. We use BCG’s Slack for asynchronous collaboration, BCG’s WebEx for synchronous communication — We support a 100% cameras-on policy to ensure focus, Confluence for documentation, JIRA for sprint management, FunRetro for retrospective governance, and VSTS and Octopus for code management. 

Deloitte (Princeton, San Francisco, Globe)

Tahzoo is enrolled in a global engagement with Deloitte, helping to transform the way the Knowledge is delivered to all employees across the globe. This involves deep content and technology work, engaging hundreds of employees around the globe.

We daily interact with global stakeholders in a video conference-leading product design strategy, requirements gathering, user testing, interactive scrum meetings with Deloitte technology partners, change management presentations, and ongoing remote training on the Knowledge Portals we’re developing.

Deloitte culture is a relationship-first culture. As a result, all Tahzoo employees are actively involved in developing strong remote working relationships and driving programs to completion in full partnership with our clients.

Starbucks (Seattle, Shanghai)

Tahzoo has been working with Starbucks since 2014, having built and deployed all entities and its regional divisions across 52 global websites. We were actively involved in Starbuck's global Roastery roll out in Shanghai, London, and other global locations. Not only do we interact with all global Starbucks partners to produce website and physical location support, but we regularly consult with the technology division to build out their Global Partner Network and Digital Asset Management programs.

Our technology systems are integrated within Starbucks partner systems. Our client considers Tahzoo to be an extension of their Starbucks team. This attitude and a shared technology platform keep our work focused and the client team engaged.

Don Low

Managing Director, Tahzoo Studios

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