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Mike Fillion

Mike Fillion is the Vice President of Data Services at Tahzoo responsible for solution and service delivery designed to improve user experience, customer engagement, and the accuracy of predictive models. Mr. Fillion is an experienced and award winning presenter of Analytics, Big Data, and NoSQL Workshops worldwide. He is also leading the international charge towards next generation data driven architecture. You can follow Mr. Fillion on Twitter at @MichaelGFillion and LinkedIn.

Posts by this Author

The Data Driven Business Enterprise

January 04, 2019

What Is Data Driven Business Enterprise? Tracing All Business Goals to Data Traceability needs to be strong to ensure business goals are met. The Data Driven Business Enterprise starts with a business strategy that creates the goals of the business. These goals are accompanied by metrics that m... Read More »

Revolutionizing Digital Transformation By Making It Data Driven

May 25, 2018

With each passing day, another company reports that their Digital Transformation (DX) program has not met its goals. The main reason for this is that companies are launching DX Programs with the goal of improving the business value and efficiency of front office and back office applications, however... Read More »

Revolutionizing Customer Experience Using Ontologies

May 08, 2018

Ontologies Are The Key to Data Driven Personalization Staging The Revolution Tahzoo has been leading the industry in content and digital asset management as well as a visionary in solution architecture & technologies that dramatically improve CX / UX including two way dynamic personalization. A key ... Read More »