Intelligence Hub.

The vital link between data and personalized CX.

There is a smarter, better way.

Personalization isn’t the holy grail. It’s here now, and it’s delivered daily by the architects and engineers in Tahzoo Labs.

Our Approach.

Businesses can no longer rely on focus groups, customer surveys and gut feelings. They need to recognize and understand audiences and make the determination as to what experiences to deliver to them. This takes a lot of intelligence, some of it human, some is increasingly artificial.

Teaming up with IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, Tahzoo’s Intelligence Team understands how to consume data and turn it into memorable experiences. Our practice is governed by sets of rules, algorithms and/or learned behavior. All intelligence is contained and managed in data management programs (DMP), decision and recommendation engines and machine learning technologies like IBM Watson, Google AI or Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Our services

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