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Credit Suisse

Balancing engagement and compliance.

The challenge.

A global financial services firm came to Tahzoo with a two-pronged challenge. On the one hand, they were facing increased competition from DIY style investing research and trading companies. At the same time, they had to manage the increasingly complex and multi-layered regulations around global financial transactions.

Our analysis.

Data was collected, stored and analyzed in silos representing markets, geographies and in some cases, certain individuals. But there was no mechanism for bringing all the data together to form a comprehensive 360° customer profiles. The data needed to be managed to enable the best user experience.

Our solution.

Building on top of a new MarkLogic noSQL data platform, Tahzoo was able to recognize the patterns of behavior among each group or segment by market, product and subject to specific guidelines and restrictions. Leveraging these patterns, the Studios design team was able to create differentiated experiences customized for each market, segment and regulatory jurisdiction.

Our services

One experience. One team. The perfect solution.