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Brown Forman

Competitive advantage in the aisle.

The challenge.

Standing out in a duty-free store makes all the difference. Travelers in transit want to bring home something special and they are faced with a dizzying array of choices. Display space is limited and expensive. All sales are impulse-driven and the window of opportunity is often quite short. Against this background, Brown Forman, set out to increase same store sales of Jack Daniel’s at over forty key international airport locations.

Our analysis.

Purchase behavior varied significantly based on common variables including age, gender, time and likely destination. People coming home to Asian destinations were more likely looking for a special gift, Europeans were looking for a bargain and Americans are extremely brand conscious. The key to success was delivering a message to the right audience by presenting them with an ad relevant to their segment.

Our solution.

Coupling the latest in visual recognition technology with cutting edge machine learning, Tahzoo was able to implement an instance of its proprietary offering, Looking Glass, to deliver a highly relevant digital experience in real-time. Each offer was created and refined based on the data collected, by time, location and mashed up with external data like flight schedules, weather and sales data. Match rates surpassed 90 percent.

Our services

One experience. One team. The perfect solution.