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SDL Connect: Globalization Through Localization

11/23/2016 | DAVID BRIMMER

After attending my first SDL Conference I decided that it is now time to start blogging. After 5 years of developing SDL Web solutions (formerly Tridion) for clients, it has dawned on me to start giving back to the SDL community.

I will have to admit that getting into the Tridion space back many years ago was not easy. It was through these years of head scratching that I came to be familiar with this powerful web tool. Attending SDL Connect 2016 has been somewhat of an eye opener for me. The several hours of head scratching could have probably been a lot less painful if I had just reached out and embraced the community.

What was particularly exciting was running into several SDL bloggers during the event, which afforded me the opportunity of being able to put a name to a face. Shoutout to both Mihai and Robert, two individuals that I have followed to jumpstart my understanding of this amazing product.


If there is one message that rang true throughout this (SDL Connect 2016) conference is that Globalization is a top priority for SDL.

Go on….

Being in this industry for quite some time, I have noticed the core competencies of several Enterprise CMS Solutions. If there is one thing that SDL Web does spectacularly… It is content reusability. This strength is leveraged to the nth degree in SDL’s message… Globalization Through Localization.

What does this mean?

SDL’s focus is to keep the personal touch while maintaining a global outreach. Translation Manager has been a major focus on the SDL Globalization Campaign. While no Automated Translation Service is 100%. SDL has employed machine learning to obtain more appropriate translation for new and emerging markets.

Does Translation Manager replace Content Authors?

Not quite… The intended purpose of Translation Manager is to provide an initial probe into a market. The machine learning algorithms provide a better contextual translation than word for word translation from other services, but there is still a cultural gap that needs to be filled through the personal experience of a natively familiar content author.

So why bother?

The ability to quickly translate a site to more appropriate content is quite powerful in today’s ever increasingly small world. Given the opportunity, a user will tend to navigate towards content written in their native language. It seems as though SDL’s mission is to provide a way to find what markets are currently attractive to a provider’s offering.

A New Market at the click of a button!

SDL’s Translation Manager provides the ability to quickly translate an entire source publication to a targeted child publication of another language! After analytics have been performed on the newly translated site, a decision can be made to bring on local resources to more accurately localize content.

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