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Revolutionizing Customer Experience Using Ontologies

5/8/2018 | Mike Fillion

Ontologies Are The Key to Data Driven Personalization

Staging The Revolution

Tahzoo has been leading the industry in content and digital asset management as well as a visionary in solution architecture & technologies that dramatically improve CX / UX including two way dynamic personalization.

A key in this is recognizing that the richer your data is, the more accurate you are in knowing an individual’s goals and desires, putting a person in context of the current moment, in being informed deeply about who they are as an individual, and ultimately in connecting with them as a unique person. The main theme here is that more data increases your insight into the individual which drives Customer Experience.

What Does Data Driven Customer Experience Really Mean?

The short answer is application design and content driven by enriched data allowing you to gain insight into an individual enabling you to predict, who, what, when, where, why – and how they may take their next action with a higher degree of probability. Predicting what an individual is likely to be thinking and act on is the main goal here. How data is enriched? – here are some examples of data types that can be used to enrich your data:

  • Taxonomical (Categorization and stratification)
  • Sentimental (Survey’s, reviews, comments)
  • Behavioral (Web Activity)
  • Transactional (Systems of Record)
  • Contextual (IOT, Geospatial)
  • Ontological (Descriptive)

Driving The Revolution – Ontologies

A crucial type of data driving CX / UX improvement is ontological. What are ontologies? The basic and kind of confusing dictionary definitions are: 1. The branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being. 2. A set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them. In reality, understanding what are ontologies is best done via a picture. From the illustration, you can easily see that an ontology is a construct for connecting things together and how they are connected, which enhances the definition and description – in this case, the customer. This concept is simple, but powerful as there are no limitations in how many things you can connect about any context, topic, or individual.

Mapping A Person Ontologically

In mapping a person through an ontology unique to them and them alone, you have the key to unlimited data points about that person that you can use to drive customer experience by presenting the text and images that are more interesting, pleasing, and evoke potential action with a higher degree of probability (the goal). In this way, you are customizing your application and content per individual that is dynamic based on their uniqueness in the world.

As shown above, the ontology is telling the application what images are likely to drive positive emotions. The images and content overall can be tailored to a person’s unique likes, tastes, and interests even at the current moment.

Taking The Revolution To The Next Level – Context Of The Moment

Mapping into an individual’s ontology environmental data, location, and even mood can dramatically increase the accuracy in what content is effective at that current moment of time. Ultimately, the holy grail of predicting behavior is to predict with a decent amount of certainty that an individual might consider purchasing something they did not consciously set out to do a few moments ago. In this way, you could say that the ontology knows a person better than they know themselves!

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