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Chief Marketing Technologist for Tahzoo.

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Contextual Intelligence: Context & Payoff (Part IV)

Context is important everywhere It’s not just in stores where brands can learn a lot about their customers. They can understand what they say, do and think by listening to them across the digital universe, including social networks, blogs, websites… and editorial content. Just like the in-store data collection, online listening does not have to Read More »

Contextual Intelligence: Data, Context & Mechanics (Part III)

The Data of Contextual Intelligence In the 1960s, computers were introduced to marketing departments. Essentially, their purpose was to pull in all sorts of data, “normalize” it in relational databases and make it available for query. This enabled marketers to begin to understand the science behind segmentation. Over time, whole companies like Experian, Axciom and Read More »

Contextual Intelligence: The History of Contextual Intelligence (Part II)

The history of Contextual Intelligence In the Madmen age of mass market advertising, the goal wasn’t to understand the individual or the moment, but to look for the most common, and often the lowest, denominator. Marlboro went after young men who wanted to see themselves as independent, strong and macho. Tide appealed to women who, Read More »

Contextual Intelligence: Welcome to the Age of Experience (Part I)

Welcome to the Age of Experience Ask anyone about their last vacation and they are much more likely to tell you about an experience they had rather than their planes, trains and automobiles logistics. At a restaurant, people are more likely to share pictures of their food because of the way it was presented. Academics Read More »

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