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Where great ideas come to life.

Put your technology where your mouth is.

Anyone can dream up a personalized CX. But it takes a real engineer to make it real. Technology expertise and engineering rigor is the core of Tahzoo’s DNA. We help clients integrate data, content and intelligence using best of breed software: DMP, CMS, DAM, PIM, CRM, MRM, MOM, and any three letter acronym you can think of. Listen, 50% of all technology projects fail or are severely delayed. Tahzoo Labs puts their technology where their mouth is.

TD Ameritrade

How do disparate IT Systems developed over decades, come together to present one, cogent, data driven 360° view of your customer. Simple. A solid plan, a content strategist, a little technology magic and a lot of elbow grease. Oh yeah, and a no SQL database partner like MarkLogic.

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Credit Suisse

Not just a bank. Credit Suisse is an integrated wealth management company. And as such, they selected Tahzoo to commandeer a sea of data and make it customer focused. This enabled them to beat online DIY investment engines and empowered their brokers to make international trades without risking sanction. Think locally, spend globally.

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Jaguar Land/Rover

JL/R came to Tahzoo for global infrastructure support for their CMS systems. 60 websites, 35 countries, 24/7 support. We made sure their SuperBowl campaign didn’t bring the whole system to a screeching halt. You know, like when Stranger Things’ fans crashed the Science Museum of Minnesota’s site trying to order Dustin’s purple hoodie.

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